TAP Portugal Infants Policy

Do I need to reserve a seat for my infant?

Children up to 2 years old (24 months), are not required to have their own seat. You must, however, inform TAP Portugal that you will be traveling with an infant on your lap.

Only one lap child is allowed per adult. If one adult is traveling with more than one infant under 2 years of age, a seat will have to be purchased for each additional infant.

You can also choose to purchase a seat for your infant as long as you have the proper child restraint device.

Will I pay for my infant to travel?

Yes, a child up to 2 years old (24 months) is usually charged 10% of an adult fare plus taxes, even if the infant will be on the lap of another passenger for the flight.

What if my child turns 2 on the trip; will I have to buy a ticket for the return flight?

Yes, a ticket will have to be purchased for any flight on which the infant will be over 2 years old.

What types of child restraint devices are allowed?

If you purchase a seat for your infant, you must use a car seat. A car-type infant seat is accepted and placed on a regular cabin seat (front or rear facing), subject to the following conditions:

  • For infants only up to 2 years of age
  • The car-type seat has to be approved for air transport by an official state department, like the European regulation R44/03, and it will contain the label "ECE R44/03"
  • The base of the car-type infant seat may not exceed the dimensions of 15.7 x 15.7 in/40 x 40 cm
  • This seat must have shoulder belts for the infant safety
  • The infant must be seated at a window seat.
  • The infant cannot sit in an emergency row or the row immediately in front or behind the emergency row.
  • A regular passenger seat must be booked for the infant and the according applicable child fare shall be paid.

What infant amenities are available on the aircraft I'll be flying (i.e. bassinets)?

Cradles/bassinets are available for free on TAP all aircraft except code-share flights.

Many infants travel without occupying a seat, that is, they travel either in a child cradle or in their parents/accompanying adult's lap. TAP offers a child cradle for babies, subject to the following guidelines:

  • Baby weight should not exceed 24.2 Ib/11 kg
  • Child cradle dimensions are 27.5 in/70 cm in length and 12 in/30 cm in width
  • Given that there are specific seats on aircraft where a cradle can be installed and consequently there are limited in number, please request a cradle at the time of booking.
  • The number of seats available for child cradles varies according to the type of aircraft, and in the event there is availability this is immediately confirmed when a booking is made.
  • Each adult may carry one baby only.

infant iconInfant amenities vary by aircraft. When you're on the airplane page, look for the Infant Amenity Icon. If it is present, clicking on it will tell you what infant services are available on that airplane. If you do not see it, infant amenities are not offered on that aircraft. You can always contact TAP Portugal for more information.

Can I sit in the exit row with my infant?

No lap children or infant seats are allowed in an exit row. In fact, alll passengers in an exit row must be at least 15 years of age. In addition, infant seats are not allowed in the row directly in front of or directly behind an exit.

How much luggage can I bring for my infant?

Infants under 2 years of age, not occupying a seat are allowed 1 piece of luggage up to 22 lb/10 kg.