Transavia Airlines Baggage

What is Transavia's (HV) baggage policy?

The Transavia (HV) baggage policy for regular basic fares include the following:

  • Carry-on bag - fee free
  • Checked baggage - available for purchase
  • Overweight and oversize bags - applicable fees per bag depending on route
  • Sports equipment - subject to baggage restrictions and overweight/oversized fees, if applicable

What is Transavia's (HV) carry-on baggage policy?

Transavia (HV) allows each passenger to bring one piece of luggage as carry-on as long as the item is within 55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm and the item is not heavier than 10 kg for all flights. Passengers who puchase a Max fare are also allowed another piece of carry-on luggage that is no more than 10 kg and 45 cm x 40 cm x 24 cm.

NOTE: Bulkhead seats do not have under seat storage, therefore, all carry-on baggage must be stowed in the overhead bin during take-off and landing.

What is Transavia's (HV) checked baggage / hold luggage policy?

Transavia (HV) allows passengers to purchase a checked baggage allowance. No checked baggage allowance is included in passengers' tickets. This service can be purchased through My Transavia or at the departure airport. Passengers may reserve up to five bags each, provided each bag is no more than 32 kg and the total weight of all bags is no more than 50 kg. Different rates apply to passengers that booked a package through a travel agent. The rates for checked luggage are based on the total weight of your luggage and route travelled, and are as follows:

  • Checked luggage booked online:
  • 15 kg: EUR 9 - 28
  • 20 kg: EUR 13 - 35
  • 25 kg: EUR 17 - 42
  • 30 kg: EUR 26 - 54
  • 40 kg: EUR 35 - 66
  • 50 kg: EUR 63 - 100
  • Cheked luggage booked at the airport:
  • 15 kg: EUR 30
  • 20 kg: EUR 40
  • 25 kg: EUR 50
  • 30 kg: EUR 70
  • 40 kg: EUR 90
  • 50 kg: EUR 150

Are there fees for baggage on Transavia (HV)?

There is no fee for carry-on luggage within the allowance. However, there are fees for checked luggage and for excess baggage.

What is Transavia's (HV) fee for excess baggage?

Passengers with excess carry-on luggage must pay to check all pieces in excess of the allowance. These bags are subject to a fee of EUR 40 per piece in excess.

What is Transavia's (HV) fee for overweight baggage?

Transavia (HV) charges passengers EUR 15 / kg for checked baggage beyond the allowance previously purchased online. Passengers with carry-on bags that exceed the 10 kg limit must pay to check each overweight piece. These bags are subject to a fee of EUR 40 per piece.

Are there fees for sports equipment on Transavia (HV)?

Transavia (HV) charges EUR 29 per set of winter sports equipment per flight, EUR 40 per hang-glider, and EUR 44 per windboarding set, surfing set, kiteboard, wakeboard, wave-board, body-board, boogie board, or sailing equipemnt. Passengers must inform Transavia of their intent to travel with sports equipment through My Transavia or the Transavia Service Center. Each set of sports equipment cannot exceed 15 kg, except for water sport or hang-glider equipment, which can weigh up to 32 kg. The dimension of each piece of sporting equipment cannot exceed 3.5 m x 86 cm x 115 cm. Passengers travelling with sports equipment are recommended to check their luggage as early as possible due to luggage screening procedures.

CPAP Devices:

You may take a CPAP device for treating sleep apnea with you on your flight. The following conditions apply: (1) The CPAP device in your hand luggage (max. 10 kg): you do not need to notify us in advance. (2)The CPAP device as extra hand luggage (max. 10 kg): the above rules for medical luggage apply. You must notify us of this in advance. (3)The CPAP device as medical luggage (max. 15 kg): the above rules for medical luggage apply. You must notify us of this in advance.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use your CPAP device during the flight.