HK Express: Pet Policy

Importation / Transit / Transhipment of dogs to other countries than Hong Kong

The HKCAD only permits dogs complying with the definition of Guide Dog or Assistance Dog to be carried in an aircraft Guest compartment.

Definitions according to HKCAD:-

Guide dog: is one that is trained to provide mobility assistance to a blind or partially sighted person. A guide dog is one that is trained by an individual or organization that is accepted by and affiliated to the International Guide Dog Federation.

Assistance dog: is one that has been specifically trained to assist a disabled person and that has been qualified by an organization registered as a member of the Assistance Dog International and Assistance Dogs Europe. The dog will have been granted certification by the relevant country’s Health Department on the basis that the dog’s high standard of training, behaviour, health and welfare are such that it should be permitted to accompany its client, owner or partner at all times and in all places.

Guide and assistance dogs being imported or travelling in transit or transhipment to countries other than Hong Kong should comply with the regulations of their final or transit destination, as well as the HKCAD’s guidelines 6.4 in CAD800.

Care and supervision of the Guide and Assistance dog is the sole responsibility of its owner and we require that the dog relieve itself in a way that does not create a health or sanitation issue inflight. Also, if the dog presents a trip hazard or hazards to other Guests, we will be unable to carry it.

Please notify our call center 48 hours before and advise us when you are travelling with Disability Assistance Dog, Guide Dog or Assistance Dog and submit the required documentation as soon as possible after initial contact with our Call Centre. We are unable to allow carriage without the required documentation that satisfy the requirements from the origin and destination countries.

Dogs not meeting the definition of Disability Assistance Dog, Guide Dog or Assistance Dog, are pets, which HK Express does not accept carriage of such animals.

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