Vueling Airlines: Children Flying Alone

What is Unaccompanied Minor Service?

Vueling’s Unaccompanied Minor Service provides assistance to help check-in and board the minor onto the aircraft. From the time the minor is handed to the airline, a Vueling employee is with the minor at all times until they are successfully delivered to their destination. Once onboard the aircraft, the minor is taken care of if any special needs arise. Once at the final destination, the minor is accompanied through immigration processes and baggage claim until they are safely delivered to the designated person picking them up.

What are the rules and restrictions for Unaccompanied Minor Service?

  • This service is obligatory for children between 5-11 years old who are travelling alone.
  • The adult responsible for the minor must check with the Department of Immigration in the countries of origin/destination in regards to requirements or permits required for the minor’s entry and exit.
  • Upon reservation of this service, the parent/guardian of the minor must fill our 3 forms per child per route. Each copy must include the child’s details and information regarding the person accompanying the child to the airport and the person picking the child up at their destination airport. This form is included in the confirmation email.
  • The adult responsible for the minor must accompany the minor to the counter at the origin airport and provide identity documentation, a photocopy of their passport, the child’s passport, and 3 copies of the completed form. Additionally, this person must wait at the airport until the minor’s flight has left.

Is this service available on all flights?

Yes, all children travelling with Vueling alone between the ages of 5-11 years must purchase this service. It is optional for children between the age of 11 and 17 years old.

What are the fees associated with this service?

The cost for this service is as follows:

  • 35 euros on domestic flights
  • 55 euros on international flights and flights to/from the Canary Islands

How do I book this service?

Adults responsible for the supervised minor can book this service while making the reservation in order to ensure availability on the specified flight. It can also be booked by calling Vueling’s Customer Attention Service at least 24 hours before the flight departure.