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Airline Overview

The country's flag carrier, Japan Airlines (JL) is Japan's second-largest airline after All Nippon Airways (NH). It was founded in 1951 and operates from primary hubs at Tokyo's Haneda Airport (HND) and Narita International Airport (NRT). A member of the Oneworld alliance, Japan Airlines flies to more than 90 destinations and has codeshare agreements with about 30 other carriers. About 35 of its destinations are domestic. International destinations include 20 countries across Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America. Japan Airlines has a fleet of 166 narrow- and widebody Airbus and Boeing airplanes. Cabin configurations vary according to the type of the plane and whether it is used for domestic routes, international short-haul routes or international long-haul routes.

Aircraft Summary

KEYWidebody Jets

Airbus A350-900 (359)
Seats:94 Business263 Economy12 First
Boeing 767-300 (763) Domestic
Seats:42 Business219 Economy
Boeing 767-300 (763) Intl
Seats:30 Business202 Economy
Boeing 767-300ER (76W) Layout 1
Seats:30 Business207 Economy
Boeing 767-300ER (76W) Layout 2
Seats:30 Business197 Economy
Boeing 767-300ER (76W) Layout 3
Seats:42 Business219 Economy
Boeing 767-300ER (76W) Layout 4
Seats:24 Business175 Economy
Boeing 767-300ER (76W) Layout 5
Seats:42 Business205 Economy5 First
Boeing 777-200 (772)
Seats:82 Business279 Economy14 First
Boeing 777-200ER (772) Layout 1
Seats:56 Business149 Economy40 Premium Economy
Boeing 777-200ER (772) Layout 2
Seats:28 Business284 Economy
Boeing 777-200ER (772) Layout 3
Seats:63 Business239 Economy
Boeing 777-200ER (772) Layout 4
Seats:42 Business154 Economy40 Premium Economy
Boeing 777-300 (773)
Seats:78 Business422 Economy
Boeing 777-300ER (773)
Seats:49 Business8 First40 Premium Economy147 Sky Wider Economy
Boeing 787-8 (788) Layout 1
Seats:42 Business144 Economy
Boeing 787-8 (788) Layout 2
Seats:38 Business88 Economy35 Premium Economy
Boeing 787-8 (788) Layout 3
Seats:30 Business176 Economy
Boeing 787-9 (789) Layout 1
Seats:44 Business116 Economy35 Premium Economy
Boeing 787-9 (789) Layout 2
Seats:35 Sky Premium52 Sky Suite III116 Sky Wider
Boeing 787-9 (789) Layout 3
Seats:21 Sky Premium28 Sky Suite III190 Sky Wider

KEYNarrowbody Jets

Boeing 737-400 (734) Two Class
Seats:20 Business125 Economy
Boeing 737-800 (738) Domestic
Seats:20 Business145 Economy
Boeing 737-800 (738) Intl
Seats:12 Business132 Economy
Embraer E-170
Seats:76 Economy
Embraer E-190 (E90)
Seats:15 Class J80 Economy

KEYRegional Jets

Bombardier CRJ-200
Seats:50 Economy


Bombardier Q100
Seats:39 Economy
Bombardier Q300
Seats:50 Economy
Bombardier Q400
Seats:74 Economy
Saab 340B
Seats:36 Economy