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Airline Overview

Founded in 1931 as American Airways, American Airlines (AA) is the world's largest airline when measured by revenue and fleet size. A founding member of the Oneworld alliance, AA operates a primary hub at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and has eight secondary hubs at airports across the United States. The airline flies to about 345 destinations in North America, the Caribbean, South America, Asia and Europe. It has codeshare agreements with 15 other carriers, as well as joint ventures with British Airways, Japan Airlines, Iberia, Finnair and Qantas on certain routes. Its fleet consists of 963 aircraft.

Aircraft Summary

KEYWidebody Jets

Airbus A330-200 (332)
Seats:20 Business224 Economy14 Main Cabin Extra
Airbus A330-300 (333)
Seats:28 Business263 Economy
Boeing 767-300 (763) V1
Seats:30 Business167 Economy21 Main Cabin Extra
Boeing 767-300 (763) V2
Seats:28 Business163 Economy18 Main Cabin Extra
Boeing 777-200 (777) V1
Seats:37 Business194 Economy16 First
Boeing 777-200 (777) V2
Seats:45 Business170 Economy45 Main Cabin Extra
Boeing 777-300ER (77W)
Seats:52 Business220 Economy8 First30 Main Cabin Extra
Boeing 787-8 (788)
Seats:28 Business141 Economy57 Main Cabin Extra

KEYNarrowbody Jets

Airbus A319 (319) V1
Seats:102 Economy 8 First18 Main Cabin Extra
Airbus A319 (319) V2
Seats:112 Economy12 First
Airbus A320 (320)
Seats:138 Economy12 First
Airbus A321 (321) V3
Seats:171 Economy16 First
Airbus A321 (32B) V1 Transcon
Seats:20 Business36 Economy 10 First36 Main Cabin Extra
Airbus A321 (32B) V2
Seats:129 Economy 16 First36 Main Cabin Extra
Boeing 737-800 (738) V1
Seats:114 Economy16 First30 Main Cabin Extra
Boeing 737-800 (738) V2
Seats:86 Economy16 First48 Main Cabin Extra
Boeing 757-200 (752) Domestic
Seats:108 Economy22 First58 Main Cabin Extra
Boeing 757-200 (752) Domestic MCE
Seats:108 Economy24 First52 Main Cabin Extra
Boeing 757-200 (752) International
Seats:16 Business108 Economy52 Main Cabin Extra
Boeing 757-200 (752) V4
Seats:158 Economy14 First18 Main Cabin Extra
Boeing 757-200 (752) V5
Seats:12 Business152 Economy12 Main Cabin Extra
Embraer ERJ-170 (E70)
Seats:60 Economy9 First
Embraer ERJ-175 (E75) V1
Seats:44 Economy12 First20 Main Cabin Extra
Embraer ERJ-175 (E75) V2
Seats:72 Economy8 First
Embraer ERJ-190 (E90)
Seats:88 Economy11 First
McDonnell Douglas MD-80 (M80)
Seats:94 Economy16 First30 Main Cabin Extra

KEYRegional Jets

Bombardier CRJ-200 (CR2)
Seats:50 Economy
Bombardier CRJ-700 (CR7) V1
Seats:54 Economy9 First
Bombardier CRJ-700 (CR7) V2
Seats:56 Economy9 First
Bombardier CRJ-700 (CR7) V3
Seats:50 Economy9 First8 Main Cabin Extra
Bombardier CRJ-900 (CR9) V1
Seats:52 Economy12 First Class12 Main Cabin Extra
Bombardier CRJ-900 (CR9) V2
Seats:70 Economy9 First
Bombardier CRJ-900 (CR9) V3
Seats:36 Economy9 First31 Main Cabin Extra
Embraer ERJ-140 (ERD)
Seats:44 Economy
Embraer ERJ-145 (ER4)
Seats:50 Economy


de Havilland Dash 8 (300)
Seats:50 Economy